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(MacCurdy) Chiriquian antiquities, me 3:1-249
(Knight) New England indians, craniotomy, me 4:1-36
(Eaton) Machu Picchu osteological material, me 5:1-96
(Hawkes, J., Hawkes, C., and de Terra) Punjab and Kashmir, human industries,
me 8:1:1-15
(Gianno) Semelai culture, me 22:1-238
(Pospisil) Obenberg: Tyrolean peasant economy, me 24:1-427
(Ferris) Quichua and Machiganga indians, tr 25:1-92
(Marsh) Arabia Petraea, tr 52:1-104

(MacCurdy) Chiriquian antiquities, me 3:1-249
(Kubler and Gibson) Tovar calendar, me 11:1-82
(Ingholt) Hatra Parthian sculptures, me 12:1-54
(Brilliant) Gesture and rank in Roman art, me 14:1-238
(Kubler) Maya iconography, me 18:1-111
(Gurney) Inscribed cylinders, me 19:93-100
(Foster) Sargonic Umma, me 20:1-228
(Means) Ancient Peruvian art, tr 21:315-442
(Obermann) Karatepe, tr 38:1-50
(Cowgill) Maya soil fertility, tr 42:1-56

(Mansfield) Comet origin, me 1:7:103-110
(Goodrich) Auroral appearance at Durham [ct], me 1:14:137-139
(Silliman and Kingsley) 1807 meteor, me 1:15:141-161
(Day) Origin of meteoric stones, me 1:16:163-174
(Day) Comet of 1811, me 1:21:341-352
(HoÐeit) Astronomy at Yale, me 23:1-230
(Herrick) Aurora borealis register, tr 1:9-138
(Bradley) Auroral register at New Haven, tr 1:139-154
(Loomis) Stiles’s register of auroras, tr 1:155-172
(Beebe) Comet of 1771, tr 5:159-176
(Johnson) Cosmic rays, tr 38:193-207
(Goldstein) Gerson’s tables, tr 45:1-285

(Chittenden and Smith) Saliva, tr 6:343-376
(Chittenden and Cummings) Action of diastase on malt, tr 7:44-59
(Chittenden and Painter) Amyolytic action of saliva, tr 7:60-83
(Chittenden and Cummings) Proteolytic action of pancreatic ferment,
tr 7:108-124
(Chittenden and Martin) Temperature influence on saliva, tr 7:125-133
(Chittenden and Cummings) Influence of bile, tr 7:134-148
(Chittenden and Smith) Absorption of arsenic, tr 7:149-152
(Chittenden and Culbert) Influence of potassium and ammonium, tr 7:153-165
(Chittenden and Whitehouse, Chittenden and Blake) Influences on metabolism,
tr 7:166-178, tr 7:293-300
(Chittenden and Lambert) Sugar in liver, tr 7:179-206
(Kuhne and Chittenden) Globulin, tr 7:207-219
(Kuhne and Chittenden) Peptones, tr 7:220-251
(Chittenden) Dehydration of glucose, tr 7:252-259
(Chittenden and Hutchinson, M.T.) Uranium salts influence of saliva, tr 7: 261-273
(Chittenden and Blake) Antimony in organs and tissues, tr 7:274-292
(Chittenden and and Whitehouse) Albumin and myosin, tr 7:301-331
(Chittenden and Bolton) Albumoses, tr 7:332-361
(Chittenden and Painter) Casein, tr 7:362-405
(Chittenden and Cummings) Gas metabolism, tr 7:406-442
(Chittenden and Lambert) Physiological action of uranium, tr 8:1-18
(Chittenden and Hart) Elastin, tr 8:19-38
(Chittenden) Proteid metabolism, tr 8:39-59
(Chittenden and Stewart) Therapeutic agents, tr 8:60-65
(Chittenden) Caseoses, tr 8:66-105
(Chittenden and Blake) Influences on degeneration of liver, tr 8:106-114
(Chittenden and Cummings) Myosin of muscle tissue, tr 8:115-138
(Kuhne and Chittenden) Myosinoses, tr 8:139-147
(Chittenden and Norris) Absorption of nickel and cobalt, tr 8:148-157
(Chittenden, Joslin, Mears) Ferments in pineapple, tr 8:281-308
(Chittenden) Pepaoid digestion, tr 9:298-332
(Mendel and Underhill) Digestion of proteids, tr 11:1-14
(Boell) Nitrogen in tissues, tr 36:429-442
(Painter) Chromatin diminution, tr 36:443-448

(Hutchinson and Wollack) Biological aluminum, tr 35:73-128
(Vernadsky) Biogeochemistry problems, tr 35:483-517

(Lipson) Biography of Jacob Finkelstein, me 19:225-226
(Mason) Henry King, D.D., tr 18:225-289
(Nicholas) Goethe, tr 32:1-19
(Woodruff) Petrunkevitch, colleague, tr 36:7-8
(Hutchinson) Petrunkevitch, appreciation of science and bibliography, tr 36:9-24
(West) Evelyn Hutchinson, tr 44:11-16
(Margalef) Homage to Evelyn Hutchinson, tr 44:211-236
(Mills) Study of T.R.R. Stebbing, tr 44:237-256
(Ripley) Evelyn’s [Hutchinson] laboratory, tr 44:437-443
(Fowler-Billings) Woman geologist’s reminiscences, tr 53:1-224
(Dale, T. Nelson) The Outcomes of the Life of a Geologist. tr61

Biology (see also Zoology)
(Coe and Kunkel) California lizard, tr 12:349-403

(Merriam) Connecticut birds, tr 4:1-150
(Verrill) South Georgia birds and eggs, tr 9:430-478
(Ball) Birds at New Haven, Connecticut, tr 36:851-878
(McLaren) Breeding territory in birds, tr 44:189-210

(Evans) Hawaiian Hepaticae, tr 8:253-261
(Evans) Hepaticae genera, tr 8:262-280
(Cooke) Hawaiian Hepaticae, tr 12:1-44
(Graves) Ruppia maritima, tr 14:59-170
(Schwartz) Carbohydrates of lichens, tr 16:247-382
(Evans) Peruvian Hepaticae, tr 18:291-345
(Evans) Marchantia, tr 21:201-313
(Nichols) Cape Breton vegetation, tr 22:249-467
(Evans) Riccardia, Chile, tr 25:93-209
(Evans) Symphyogyna, tr 27:1-50, tr 28:295-354
(Christophersen) Plants and soil, Sylene Park, Norway, tr 27:471-577
(Evans) Cladoniae, CT, tr 30:357-510, tr 35:519-626
(Gill) U.S. Arceuthobium, tr 32:111-245
(Deuber) Conifer propogation, tr 34:1-83
(Marshall) Cedar-apple rust, tr 34:85-118
(Boyce) Conifer rusts, tr 35:329-482
(Evans) Cladoniae, Florida, tr 38:249-336
(Leigh) Spiral leaf arrangement, tr 44:161-176
(Furth) Sumac tree, tr 46:137-234

(Smith) Whitten plaster, me 1:3:81-82
(Webster) Paint decomposition, me 1:13:135-136
(Chittenden and Allen) Effect of salts on acid, tr 7:84-107Coral
(Verrill) Coral comparison, tr 11:169-206
(Robinson) Tetracoralla and Hexacoralla, tr 21:145-200
(Hartman and Goreau) Ceratoporella and chaetetid “corals,” tr 44:131-148

(Bond) Phyllopod crustacea, me 10:5:29-62
(Ueno) Amphipod crustacea, me 10:6:63-84
(Smith) Brazil crustacea, tr 2:1-42
(Smith) American crustacea, tr 2:113-176
(Smith) American lobster, tr 2:351-381
(Smith) Atlantic coast crustaceans, tr 5:27-138

(Beecher, C.E.) Favostidae cell development, tr 8:207-214
(Williams) Chelonian and human muscles, tr 2:301-308
(Harrison) Symmetry in developing embryo, tr 36:277-330
(Nicholas) Developing rats V., tr 36:331-352
(Rudnick) Chick blastoderm, tr 36:353-378
(Baitsell) Giant cells in amphibian tissues, tr 36:429-442
(Coe) Reproductive system in Pecten, tr 36:673-700
(Merriman) Notes on Palinurichthys perciformis, tr 36:837-850
(Peters) Growth phases in Krizousacorixa, tr 44:285-290

(Thacher) Ganoid fins, tr 4:233-242
(Walker and Bennett) Optic system of goldfish, tr 36:379-390
(Stone) Eyes in fish, tr 36:391-406

(Woodruff) History of Paramecium, tr 36:517-532
(Gause) Evolution, tr 37:17-68
(Delbruck) Physicist looks at biology, tr 38:173-190
(Deevey) Preface [Hutchinson volume], Intussesception, tr 44:7-10
(Brooks) Origin of organic diversity, tr 44:17-56
(Bower, L.P. and J.) Evolution of mimicry, tr 44:57-68
(Covich) Model of resource substitution, tr 44:69-94
(Cowgill) Biological aspects of Portuguese demography, tr 44:95-110
(Klopfer) Why are men “conscious”?, tr 44:149-160
(MacArthur) Strong or weak interactions, tr 44:177-188
(Newell) Tabular keys, tr 44:257-268
(Daniels) Living With Stalin’s Ghost , tr59

(Dwight, N.) Meloe americae, me 1:6:99-102
(Cresson) Ephydridae, Diptera, me 10:1:1-4
(Silvestri) Myriapods, me 10:12:241-252
(Silvestri) Diplura and Thysanura, me 10:14:253-260
(Brooks) North American Daphnia, me 13:1-180
(Williston) New Diptera, tr 4:243-246
(Williston) Dipterous larvae, tr 6:87-90
(Power) Wren and Micrographia, tr 36:37-44
(Poulson) Ring gland of diptera, tr 36: 449-488
(Pfeiffer) Development of nymphal characters in the grasshopper,
tr 36: 489-516
(Chapin) New Jamaican clerid beetle, tr 36:595-598
(Friend) Gypsy moth in Connecticut, tr 36:607-630

Marine life
(Lundblad) Hydracarina, me 10:7:85-118
(Sanders) Cephalocarida, me 15:1-80
(Verrill) Radiata, tr 1:247-613
(Eaton) Marine algae, me, tr 2:343-350
(Clarke) Pacific coast hydroids, tr 3:249-264
(Rathbun) Brazilian echinoderms, tr 5:139-158
(Verrill) Northeast American coast cephalopods, Pt. I, tr 5:177-257, Pt. II,
tr 5:259-446
(Beecher) Brachiopoda revision, tr 9:376-391
(Beecher) Terebratalia obsoleta Dall, tr 9:392-399
(Bush) Revision of marine gastropods, tr 10:97-144
(Verrill) Starfishes, tr 10:145-234
(Coe) Nemertean pilidium, tr 10:235-262
(Van Name) Planarians, tr 10:263-300
(Coe) North American nemerteans, tr 35:129-328
(Hutchins) Long Island Sound bryozoa, tr 36:533-552
(Berkenroad) New sergestid shrimp,tr 36:553-594
(Pickford) Western Atlantic octopoda, tr 36: 701-812
(Loosanoff) Effect of seawater on starfish, tr 36:816-836

(Nelson) Tertiary Peruvian mollusca, tr 2:186-207
(Bush) North Carolina mollusca, tr 6:453-480
(Pilsbry) Dominica, W.I., land mollusca, tr 8:356-358

(Emerton) Canadian spiders, I.,tr 9:400-429, II., tr 20:145-160
(Petrunkevitch) North American Tertiary spiders, tr 25:211-279
(Petrunkevitch) Panama Arachnida, tr 27:51-248
(Petrunkevitch) Virgin Islands spiders, tr 28:21-78
(Petrunkevitch) Porto Rica spiders, I., tr 30:1-158, II., tr 30:159-355, III., tr 31:1-191
(Petrunkevitch) Natural classification of spiders, tr 31:299-389
(Petrunkevitch) American spiders, I., tr 33:133-338
(Petrunkevitch) Amber spiders, tr 34:119-464, tr 41:97-400
(Pickford) Spider enzymes, tr 35:33-72
(Savory) Arachnology in Europe, tr 36:45-52
(Bristowe) Spider folklore, tr 36:53-90
(Biship) Our Lady’s threads, tr 36:91-98
(Baerg) Black widow and tarantula life table,tr 36:99-114
(Baxter and Deevy) Black widow life table, tr 36:115-134
(Hickman) Apneumone spiders, tr 36:135-158
(Chickering) Panama Accola spinosa, tr 36:159-168
(De Mello-Leitao) New Brazilian spiders, tr 36:169-176
(Exline) New group of Conopistha, tr 36:177-190
(Gertsch) Two Thallumetus, tr 36:191-198
(Bryant) Florida spiders, tr 26:199-214
(Chamberlin and Ivie) Erigonid spiders, tr 36:215-236
(Thayer) Optic centers of spiders, tr 36:237-240
(Kaston) Nematode parasites of spiders, tr 36:241-244
(Brown) Spineret muscles in spiders, me 36:245-248
(Goodnight, C.J. and M.L.) Mexican Ischropsalidae, tr 36:249-252
(Newell) Hydrozetes Berlese, tr 36:253-2

(Hutchinson) Lahontan basin limnology, tr 33:47-132
(Deevey) Middle America limnology, tr 39:213-328
(Dunbar) Ecosystem in natural selection, tr 44:111-130
(Patrick) Benthic communities in streams, tr 44:269-284
(Slobodkin) Ecological theories, tr 44:291-306
(Smith) Heterogeneity, stability, and diversity in ecosystems, tr 44:307-336
(Tsukada) Lake Nojiri, Japan, tr 44:337-366
(Wangersky) Niche concept in evolution, tr 44:367-376
(Warburg) Ecology of Israeli Clausiliidae, tr 44:377-394
(Williams) Mathematics of microbial populations, tr 44:395-426
(Zinn and Zahn) Penikese Island, tr 44:427-436
(Cowgill, Hutchinson, Racek, Goulden, Patrick, Tsukada) Laguna de Petenxil,
Guatemala, me 17:1-126

(Fisher) Theory of value and prices, tr 9:1-124
(Westerfield) English middlemen, 1660-1760, tr 19:111-445
(Bidwell) New England economy, 19th C, tr 20:241-399, f1
(Westerfield) American auctions, tr 23:159-210
(Day) Occupations, England, 1841-1861, tr 28:79-235
(Muhly) Bronze Age copper and tin trade, tr 43:155-535
(Muhly) Copper and tin supplement, tr 46:77-136

(Trowbridge) East River bridge [NY] design, tr 2:263-268
(Mathewson) Shear in deformation, tr 38:213-246
(Cunningham) Engineering at Yale, tr 51:1-232

North India, me 8,9,10

(Silliman) Mineralogy of New Haven, CT, me 1:4:83-96
(Mansfield) Figure of earth, me 1:8:111-118
(Day and Kingsley) Longitude of Yale College, me 1:22:353-361
(De Terra) Geology between Kashmir and Indus Valleys, me 8:2:17-76
(Vokes) Siwalik Series Unionidae, me 9:4:37-48
(Dana) Geology of New Haven, CT, tr 2:45-112
(Blake) Geology of Jesso, Japan, tr 2:299-300
(Dana, E.S.) Tilly-Foster mine chondorite, tr 3:67-96
(Meyer and Penfield) Quartz etching, tr 8:158-165
(Verrill) Bermuda, Pt. IV, Geology and paleontology, tr 12:45-348
(Ford) Calcite group, tr 22:211-248
(Wood) Photography applied to stratigraphy, tr 36:879-882
(Dzulynski and Sanders) Current marks on mud, tr 42:57-96
(Dale, T. Nelson) The Outcomes of the Life of a Geologist. tr61

Introduction to Petrunkevitch memorial volume, tr 36:1-6
(Petrunkevitch, Vernadsky, and Karpovitch) Pushkin Centennial meeting,
tr 33:1-46
(Danforth) Nested cup measures collection, tr 50:1-117
(Ripley) Cabinets, lost and found, tr 46:1-12
(Petrunkevitch) Choice and responsibility, tr 37:1-16
(Winslow) Epidemiology of Noah Webster, tr 32:21-109
(Ellis, ed.) Essays in memory of J.J. Finkelstein, me 19:1
(Brewer) Debt to learned societies, tr 11:xlvi-liii
(Osterweiss) Sequicentennial history of Connecticut Academy, tr 38:103-149
(Goodenough, Sturtevant, Jones, and Stevens) Sesquicentennial celebration
proceedings, tr 38:151-172
(Machinist and Yoffee) Finkelstein bibliography, me 19:227-229
(Deevey) Preface to Hutchinson volume, tr 44:7-10

History Ancient
(Tadmor) Assyrian historiography, me 19:209-213
(Roberts) Elamite crisis in perspective, me 19:183-187
(Dahl) History of Dor, tr 20:1-131

History European
(Cook) Ruthwell and Bewcastle crosses, tr 17:213-361
(Latourette) Relations between U.S. and China, tr 22:1-209
(Latourette) Voyages to China, tr 28:237-271
(Vernadsky) Russian expansion, tr 31:391-425
(Weigand) German Peasont’s War, tr 35:1-32
(Bellinger) Seleucids, tr 38:51-102
(Dunham) Hasting’s indentured retainers, tr 39:1-175

History North American
(Slater) Burying grounds in Connecticut, me 21:1-328
(Baldwin) First century of Connecticut Academy, tr 11:xiii-xxxv
(Verrill) Early Bermudan history, tr 11:413-956
(Verrill) Relations between Bermuda and American colonies,tr 13:47-64
(Walradt) Financial history of Connecticut, tr 17:1-139
(Vernadsky) Trends in Russian and Turkish history, tr 36:25-36
(Noether) Italian views of the U.S., tr 50:119-150
(Leavy) Eli Smith’s missionary adventure, tr 50:189-275
(Gesualdi) Connecticut Italian immigrants, tr 54:1-54
(Galer, Gordon, and Kemmish) Connecticut’s Ames iron works, tr 54:83-194
(Ellsworth) History of Ct. Academy of Arts and Sciences, tr 55
(Gerber and Friedlander) The Civil Rights Act of 1875, tr60

(Dwight, T.) Observations on language, me 1:23:365-386
(Trumbull) Indian onomatopeia, tr 2:177-185
(Peterson) Greek sufÞx, tr 18:139-207

(Daggett) A trial: water raised by a mill dam, me 1:12:131-134

Near East
(Cassin) Droit et tordu, me 19:29-37
(Eichler) Nuzi sisterhood contracts, me 19:45-59
(Greenfield) Nasu-nadanu, me 19:87-91
(Kaulfman)Egirtu sa sulmu, me 19:119-127
(Owen) Death for default, me 19:159-162
(Yoðee) Babylonian texts from Kish, me 19:219-223

(Webster) Mythology origins, me 1:17:175-216
(Nemoy) Arabic manuscripts, tr 40:1-273
(Trimpi) Melville’s confidence men, tr 49:1-339

Ancient Near East
(Aaboe and Huber) Text on motion of Venus, me 19:1-4
(Cooper) Gilgamesh dreams of Enkadu, me 19:39-44
(Foster) Ea and Saltu, me 19:79-84
(Greenberg) Hebrew cognate of Akkadian nahasu, me 19:85-86
(Hallo) Haplographic marginalia, me 19:101-103
(Hoðner) Hittite lexiographic studies, me 19:105-111
(Jacobsen) Inuma ilu awilum, me 19:113-117
(Kilmer) Akkadian appu, me 19:129-138
(Kramer) New Sumerian elegy, me 19:139-142
(Leichty) Literary notes, me 19:143-146
(Lieberman) Names of graphemes in Akkadian, me 19:147-154
(Michalowski) Amar-Su’ena, me 19:155-157
(Pope) Ugaritic Repahaim texts, me 19:163-182
(Sjoberg) Urninurta’s blessing, me 19:189-195
(Sollberger) Babylonian royal inscriptions, me 19:197-200
(Tigay) Integrated Gilgamesh epic?, me 19:215-218

Eighteenth Century
(Schevill) Swift’s hoax, tr 15:225-238
(Brady) Mickle, Boswell, and Garrick, tr 46:235-297
(Foladare) Boswell’s Paoli, tr 48:1-290

(Brooke) “King Henry VI,” tr 17:141-211
(Brooke) Christopher Marlowe, tr 25:347-408
(Hawkins) Religious patterns in Shakespeare, tr 50:151-188

(Hadley) Bekker’s Homer, tr 1:173-193
(Dewing) Cursus in Byzantine Greek prose, tr 14:415-466
(Wright) Herodotus’s battle of Plataea, tr 15: 293-303
(Hubbell) Rhetorica of Philodemus, tr 23:243-382

(Morris) Catullus VIII, tr 15:137-151
(Perrin) Plutarch’s Pericles, IX-XV, tr 15:217-224
(Harmon) Clausula in Ammianus Marcellinus, tr 16:117-245

(Davidson) English mystery plays, tr 9:125-297
(Carnahan) “Maistre Eloy du Mont,” tr 13:89-147
(Thompson) English moral plays, tr 14:291-414
(Clark) Itala fragments in Verona, tr 15:5-18
(Luquiens) Chanson de Roland, tr 15:109-136
(Warren) Constantine of Fleury, tr 15:283-292
(Cook) Chaucer’s knight, tr 20:161-240
(Cook) Chaucer’s patron, tr 21:1-144
(Cook) Chaucerian papers, I., tr 23:1-63
(Cook) Begetter of Beowulf, tr 25:281-346
(Cook) Bishop Acca of Hexham, tr 26:245-332
(Cook) Cynewulf in Beowulf, tr 27:385-406
(Cook) Beowulfian and Odyssean voyages, tr 28:1-20
(Cook) Aldheim sources, tr 28:273-293
(Brooke) Gager’s Pyramis, tr 32:247-349
(Donaldson) Piers Plowman, tr 39:177-212
(Szoverðy) Middle Ages Saint Peter hymns, tr 42:97-403
(Mieszkowski) Criseyde, tr 43:71-153
(Severs) Middle English writings, ma 1-2
(Hartung) Middle English writings, ma 3-10

(Reed) Lord Fairfax’s poems, tr 14:237-290
(Cook) Notes on Milton, tr 15:305-368
(Osgood) Spencer’s rivers, tr 23:65-108

(Schevill) Cervantes studies, tr 13:475-548
(Lang) Spanish cancioneros, tr 15:71-108
(Clark) Collectanea Hispanica, tr 24:1-243
(Means) Biblioteca Andina, tr 29:271-525

(Mansfield) Duplication of the cube, me 1:9:119-123
(Strong) Properties of the circle, me 1:25:393-412
(Newton and Phillips) Transcendental curves, tr 3:97-107
mathematics continued
(Merriman) Writings on the method of least squares, tr 4:151-232
(De Forest) Unsymmetrical law of error, tr 6:122-138
(De Forest) Law of error, tr 7:1-8
(Moore) Geometry of n dimensions, tr 7:9-26
(Little) Knots, tr 7:27-43
(Wilson) Products and strains in hyperspace, tr 14:1-57
(Uhler) Table of reciprocals, tr 32:381-434

Medical Science
(Webster) Number of deaths, me 1:5:97-98
(Dwight) Debility of the stomach, me 1:18:219-309
(Fisher) Eðect of diet on Yale students, tr 13:1-46

Natural Science
(Webster) Change of temperature, me 1:1:1-68, f 2
(Day) Quantity of rainfall, me 1:10:125-127
(Dwight, S.E.) Origin of springs, me 1:19:311-328
(Loomis and Newton) Temperatures, New Haven, CT, tr 1:194-246
(Harrison) Direction and force of wind, Wallingford, CT, tr 2:209-262
(Loomis, F.E.) Direction and force of wind, New Haven, CT, tr 2:269-298
(Smith and Harger) St. George’s Bank dredgings, tr 3:1-57
(Petrunkevitch) Russia’s science, tr 23:211-241

(Eaton) Pteranodon osteology, me 2:1-38
(Lull) Barosaurus Marsh, me 6:1-42
(Raymond) Trilobites, me 7:1-169
(Wodehouse) Kashmir Pleistocene pollen, me 9:1:1-18
(Branson) Kashmir labyrinthodont, me 9:2:19-26
(Weller) Himalayan trilobites, me 9:3:31-36
(Lundqvist) Hochasiatische Binnenseesedimente, me 10:12:193-240
(Smith) Hippa talpoida, tr 3:311-342
(Beecher, C.E.) Paleozoic coral, tr 8:207-214
(Coe) New England palaeonemerteans, tr 9:515-522
(Beecher) Claosaurus annectens Marsh, tr 11:311-324
(Petrunkevitch) Palaeozoic Arachnida, tr 18:1-137, tr 37:69-315
(Shufeldt) Fossil birds, Yale University, tr 19:1-110
(Dunbar) W. Tennesse Devonian fossils, tr 23:109-158
(Miller) Cephalopods, Bighorn Formation, Wyoming, tr 31:193-297

(Wright) Ascent of vapor, me 1:2:69-79
(Wright) Air-pump, me 1:11:129-130
(Silliman) Fusion of refactory bodies, me 1:20:329-339
(Dwight, T.) Light, me 1:24:387-392
(Gibbs) Thermodynamics of fluids, tr 2:309-342
(Gibbs) Thermodynamic properties, tr 2:382-404
(Gibbs) Heterogeneous substance equilibrium, Pt I, tr 3:108-248, Pt. II,
tr 3: 343-524
(Page) On the principle of relativity, tr 23:383-416
(Page) Electromagnetism, tr 26:213-243

Ancient Near East

(Bottéro) Noms de Marduk, me 19:5-28
(Ellis) Land of dead redu’s, me 19:61-66
(Ellis) “Lion-men” in Assyria, me 19:67-78
(Starr) Extispicy reports, me 19:201-208

(Hopkins) Brahmana gods and saints, tr 15:19-69
(Oertel) Jaiminiya Brahmana, tr 15:153-216

(Thieme) Mitra and Aryaman, tr 41:1-96

New Testament
(Foster) Literary relations of Peter, tr 17:363-538
(Williams) Appendices of Mark, tr 18:347-447

Old Testament
(Torrey) Aramaic part of Daniel, tr 15:239-282
(Ettelson) Maccabees, tr 27:249-384
(Leiman) Hebrew scriptures, tr 47:1-234

(Bishop) Pennsylvania state works, tr 13:149-297
(Means) Andean social institutions, tr 27:407-469
(Daniels) Living With Stalin’s Ghost , tr59

(Verrill) Dominica, W.I., fauna, tr 8:315-355
(Pilsbry) Bermuda mollusks, tr 10:491-501
(Verrill and Bush) Bermuda, marine Mollusca, tr 10:513-544
(Verrill) Bermuda nudibranchs and tectibranchs, tr 10:545-550
(Verrill) Bermuda Anthozoa and Hydrozoa, tr 10:551-572
(Verrill) Bermuda crustacea and pycnogonida, tr 10:573-582
(Verrill) Bermuda echinoderms, tr 10:583-587
(Verrill) Bermuda Tunicata and Molluscoidea, tr 10:588-594
(Verrill) Bermuda Turbellaria, Nemertina, and Annelida, tr 10:595-672
(Verrill) Bermuda, fauna, tr 11:15-62
(Banks) Bermuda spiders and mites, tr 11:267-275
(Richardson) Bermuda isopods, tr11:277-310
(Van Name) Bermudan ascidians, tr 11:325-412
(Verrill) Bermuda, Pt. V, Coral reefs, tr 12:45-348
(Verrill) Bermuda decapod crustacea, I. Brachyura and Anomura,
tr 13:299-474
(Kunkel) Bermuda Amphipoda, tr 16:1-116
(Verrill) Bermuda Crustaciae, tr 26:1-179, tr 26:181-211

New England
(Clarke) New England coast hydroids, tr 3:58-66
(Smith) New England coast Pinnixa, tr 4:247-253
(Smith) New England coast crustacea, tr 4:254-267
(Verrill) New England Annelidae, Pt I, tr 4:285-324
(Wilson) New England Pycnogonida, tr 5:1-26
(Verrill) New England marine Mollusca, tr 5:447-588, tr 6:139-294,
tr 6:395-452
(Emerton) New England spiders, tr 6:1-86, tr 6:295-342, tr 7:443-458,
tr 8:166-206, tr 8:220-252, tr 8:359-381, tr 14:171-236, tr 16:383-407,
tr 18:209-224, tr 20:133-144
(Verrill) New England nemerteans, tr 8:382-456
(Verrill) New England Dinophilidae, tr 8:457-458
(Verrill) New England planarians, tr 8:459-520
(Verrill) New England nemerteans and planarians, supplement, tr 9:523-534
(Hutchinson) New England Notonecta, tr 36:599-606