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As part of its mission to disseminate scholarly information, in 1810 the Academy commenced publications on all aspects of the sciences, arts, and humanities. and continues to this day with three regular series plus a facsimile series. The series of Memoirs are monographs or booklength publications, Transactions are essays in history, economics, mathematics, archeology, languages, literature, and the natural sciences, and most recently, articles of an interdisciplinary nature. The third series, A Manual of the Writings in Middle English, is the definitive reference source in this field. First published in 1916, a modern and expanded version commenced in 1967 and is now in its eleventh volume.

The Memoirs was the initiating publication series of the Academy. The first volume contained 25 articles commenced in 1810 and was completed in 1816. Volume 1 presentations are in a 6”x9” format. From volume 2 (1910) onward, papers in the Memoirs have been specialized studies or groups of papers on a single subject or theme in an 81/2”x11” format.

The Transactions began in 1866 to continue the publications of short articles in a 6”x9” format. Since 1990 a few complete works have been presented in this smaller format.
The third series, A Manual of the Writings in Middle English, commenced in 1916 with an initial volume plus supplements over the next several years. The second edition of this definitive source and research tool commenced in 1967 and volume ten of proposed twelve volumes was presented in 1998. Each volume contains chapters written by eminent scholars on Middle English texts and includes succinct, critical evaluations and an exhaustive bibliography, with full information on manuscript and early print sources. The pagination of the second edition is sequential throughout the volumes.
Facsimiles of original articles from the Memoirs or the Transactions can be obtained on request. For example the first article in Memoirs, Noah Webster’s 1810 paper entitled “A dissertation on the supposed change in the temperature of winter,” and other famous presentations original to the Academy are or could be made available (see individual listings under Facsimile series).
The Academy welcomes submission of scholarly manuscripts for possible publication. All submissions should be sent to the Publications Committee of The Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, P.O. Box 208211, New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8211. For information please use e-mail:

Publications Catalogue

Our catalogue consists of a complete list of publications printed in the three series, Memoirs, Transactions, and A Manual of Writings in Middle English, and the new Facsimile series. All publications, regardless of age are available but may be in short supply, or only available in facsimile.
The presentation is in chronological order within each series. 
Memoirs (me) • Transactions (tr) • Manual (ma) • Facsimiles (f)
Sample Listing:
ME 1(1) Webster, Noah [ME 1(1) p 1-68 v]

A Dissertation on the Supposed Change in the Temperature of Winter.
Memoirs Volume 1, Article 1 p 1-68. (1810) Reprint copies $10.00.

The data presented in brackets are the details required for ordering publications, special editions, or sets. The order form has a column for entering this information which may include an ISBN number. The price quoted may be for (c) cloth or (p) paper bound articles.
“v” included at the end of the order number in place of price indicates that the original is in very short supply or no longer available; however, the article or volume may be specially ordered for library or personal use, and will be a facsimile. Please call for detailed information on these volumes, a few of which could be made available in the original.
Below the ordering information is the title, including number of pages and plates (in the early publications), and the date of publication. Occasionally separate plates may be available. Please call.

Price information for all the publications may be obtained from the Academy office by phone: 203 432-3113, or fax: 203 432-5712, or e-mail: Orders may be mailed to the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, P.O. Box 208211, New Haven, Connecticut, 06520-8211, or sent by fax or e-mail. Orders requiring invoice should be faxed, or e-mailed.

The Academy welcomes the submission of scholarly manuscripts for possible publication. Such material may be sent to the Publications Committee.
Catalog of Publications
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