Table of Contents: Voices of the New Republic, Volume II

Voices of the New Republic: Connecticut Towns 1800-1832
Volume II: What We Think
CAROLYN C. COOPER, Associate Editor
Table of Contents
• Introduction: The Controversial History of Connecticut in the Early National Period 1790-1830, Howard R. Lamar and Carolyn C. Cooper
• The Connecticut Academy: A Child Born in the Eye of a Revolutionary Storm, Richard Buel
• A View from Above: The Town Reports in Ecclesiastical History, David W. Kling
• The Religious Landscape, Gretchen T. Buggeln
• Art and Science in Crop and Livestock Improvement: The Connecticut Towns Survey and Agricultural Change Around 1800, Kathy J. Cooke
• Fertile Farms among the Stones, Paul E. Waggoner
• The State of Connecticut Agriculture in 1800, Holly V. Izard
• Connecticut’s Home Dairies, c. 1800: “Of Too Great Utility to be Passed over in Silence,” Caroline F. Sloat
• With “Unshaken Heroism and Fortitude:” Connecticut Women’s Life and Work Two Hundred Years Ago, Ruth Barnes Moynihan
• Disease and Medicine in Connecticut around 1800, Toby A. Appel
• ”A Privilege and Elevation to Which We Look Forward with Pleasure:” The Connecticut Academy and Black Emancipation, Peter P. Hinks
• Invisible Indians: The Connecticut Academy Town Reports, Jill E. Martin
• Fisheries, Daniel Vickers
• Ships and Shipping in Connecticut, 1790-1811, William N. Peterson
• The Embedded Nature of Artisanal Activity in Connecticut, ca. 1800, Edward S. Cooke, Jr.
• Technology in Transition: Connecticut Industries 1800-1832, Carolyn C. Cooper
• Travel on Connecticut’s Roads, Bridges, and Ferries, 1790-1830, Robert B. Gordon
• Mines, Minerals, Quarries, and Fuels: Connecticut, 1800-1832, H. Catherine W. Skinner and Brian J. Skinner
• Wild Animals in Connecticut’s Changing Landscape, Harvey R. Smith & Tim W. Clark
• Connecticut Woodlands 1800-1836, George McLeane Milne
• Connecticut Towns c.1800: Some Botanical and Ecological Observations, William A. Niering
• Physical Environment of Connecticut Towns: Processes, Attitudes and Perceptions Then and Now, Robert M. Thorson
• The Ups and Downs of the Connecticut Town in the Preindustrial Era, Christopher Collier
• The Remarkable Complexity of the Simple New England Town, Bruce C. Daniels
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